Leafpaw is the average apprentice,never giving any thought to anything other than training.But when she makes a terrible choice,things go awful for her.

And will she be able to gain footing in her new life,or spiral into her own destruction?

Stonepaw's life is anything but fun.Horrible,even.And then a cat he can trust come along...but will he finally be safe,or just be brought into more danger?Danger worse than before?

Chapter 1: LeafpawEdit

I dove beneath Featherpaw,landing a strong bite on her hind leg.Twisting,I pushed her backwards.Instantly I was on her.Featherpaw squirmed as I hooked my claws into her thick,cream colored fur.

“Good work,Leafpaw,"My mentor Minteyes said.I let Featherpaw up,and she shook out her fur.Firefang shook his head condescendingly at her.Pelt pricking in anger,I looked away.He judged her so harshly!She had been an apprentice for less that a moon,and he expected her to be a warrior already.The nerve of that cat.

I loved battle training.Hunting borred me so badly that I could barely stand it.Fighting engaged me,interested me.It made me want to learn.

And I trained my hardest every day.

“Leafpaw,you should see Hazelsky about that,"Minteyes said,looking at the wound on my foreleg.

Featherpaw winced.“I'm sorry,"She began nervously.“I didn't-"

“It's fine,"I assured her.

Firefang darted around like a viper,as if waiting for her to make a wrong move.And still I knew he would find fault with her.

I promised Featherpaw I wouldn't tell,but Firefang...he attacks her.Punishes her for her mistakes,or just out of cruelty,but either way he takes it too far.He always does it skillfully to look like battle training got a bit outof hand,but I know.And it makes me hate that cat all the more.

Minteyes guided me back to camp as I limped on my paw.Just as I turned,though,I saw Featherpaw flinch.Saw Firefang move closer.Saw him take a slice at her face,drawing blood.

I sighed,picking at my fresh kill as Featherpaw walked in.Firefang said he had taken her for hunting practice,but I knew the ginger warrior was just making himself look good.Featherpaw was shivering.The mark on her perfect,pretty face would leave a scar for sure.And,I noticed,She had a scratch along he tail,and she was walking funny.

This wasn't right.

“He shouldn't treat you like that,"I said in a low voice.She just shook her head.

Chapter 2: StonepawEdit

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