The Stars Above Us is a fanfiction that is being written by Cindertail and edited by Oatpaw and Racoonpaw.

Dedication Edit

A special thanks to Cindertail.

The Blurb Edit

When, MistClan deputy, Sootwhisker, dies, his rouge mate, Blossom, is the only one left to take care of their kits, Feather and Lion. But Maplemist is seeking revenge, Will Blossom look out for the stars? Even if they took most of her family?

Detailed Plot Summary Edit

Coming soon

Trivia Edit

  • It has been confirmed that it will be about a rouge she-cat who is left to take care of kits after her mate, who was a deputy, died
  • Maplemist will be the deputy of a rebel Clan, possibly ReedClan
  • Racconpaw came up with MistClan, and Oatpaw came up with ReedClan.
  • Cindertail is an amazing author bruh!!!!!

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