By Willowpaw/step.

From the moment I was born, I knew I wasn't like my other littermates.

How, you ask? How did I know?

Easily answered: I nearly didn't make it to this world. I almost died when I was coming out, but thank StarClan I didn't.

Two sunrises later, Driftkit, Leafkit, and Flowerkit had opened their eyes, blinking in the filtered sunlight of the ThunderClan nursery.

Meanwhile, I was still swimming in watery darkness, shut in a jet-black world. I could barely hold onto my life, let alone open my eyes.

I caught up. Slowly, but steadily. A half-moon later, I saw sunlight for the first time and I despised it. It was too, too bright and it scorched my eyes to a crisp. Moonlight was better, a gentle force shining quietly in the vast darkness of nighttime.

As I grew older, day by day, I grew stronger. I was a little weaker but I thought if I practiced and trained myself, I would be the same. I learned that I was wrong later.

By the time I was two moons old, I was able to run like Driftkit, Leafkit, and Flowerkit. But my heart was not satisfied. It wanted me to be the same as all of the other kits, play-fighting and sneaking out of camp. However, my legs had no motivation to move, and all I wanted to do was lay down and watch everything that was going on in the camp.

Every day, I yearned to be like the others, a normal Clan kit. But I just wasn't, and it wasn't a good thing. Flowerkit and Leafkit teamed up to make my life terrible. Tiny, weak Ivykit. Driftkit found pleasure in sinking his small, lethal claws into me.

Every day, I would stare at the sky, at its perfect shade of blue. I wished I was like the sky; every single patch was the same. But if my situation was applied to the sky, I would be that one little patch of purple in the corner.

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