Whispers from Twolegplace is a fanfiction by Stoatkit, featuring three novellas, put together like the print novella bind-ups. Nutmeg's Dream focuses on Nutmeg, with the secondary main characters as her kits, Smoke's Path focuses on Smoke, with the secondary main characters as Darktail and Onestar, then Onewhisker, and Ruby's Fate focuses on Ruby, with the secondary main character as Socks.

Chapter 1Edit

The ground was cold as frost, the wind howling like a dog. Nutmeg shivered as she padded through the thick, freezing snow, calling out Rusty, Rusty! sometimes. She walked face-first into a tall, cold rock. Nutmeg glanced up at the rock, and saw a tom with a pelt of flames, tabby stripes like rays of sunlight. His green eyes resembled someone's eyes.


rest later


  • The story dives deeper into a dream Nutmeg had, mentioned in Firestar's page in the HarperCollins Warriors App.

much later

also stoatie has to read shattered sky which has some important stuff that'll be put in smoke's path

she kinda spoiled herself and learned about the one/smoke/dark plot twist thingy

even later

Trivia Edit


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