The wiki chat is a live chat that is active on the Blog's wiki.

Usually, the chat is active when the blogchat closes.


The enter chat screen when nobody is on.


Write below your praise of the chat.

"I think the chat is a great way to talk to your friends. It is really fun, and you can play games there, make people feel better, spill your problems, have general talk, etc. It's really a great place and an awesome substitute for the blog chat. This way, users can talk to each other 24/7. Whenever they want to. Plus mods don't have to open it. It's really cool, and so fun" -Foxpaw













Chat HistoryEdit

The chat opened with the wiki, in September 2015.

Usually users come to the chat when the blog chat is closed. Many users enjoy it, and love chatting here as you can add a variety of emoticons. The chat has been closed once on May 3 2016 due to an argument that happened the previous day, however, on May 6, the chat was available again. However, the chat was closed again on August 22, due to drama. It was reopened on August 30th.

Notable chat historic events are:

  • When Flowerstream hanged the background to Thomas The Train, and added the "options" bar.  (Note: These both were Willowlight's idea)   The allows users to multi-private-message, change chat colours and fonts, and more.
  • When Willowlight or Juniperpool hold the wiki gatherings.
  • When Willowlight made specialized mod icons, resembling their cat fursonas, to rest beside their names on the sidebar and in the main speaking area.
    • Following this, Willowlight tested out a new icon for Winterwhisper. This became problematic as the picture turned gigantic, the size of chat itself, and blocked out everything in chat every time Winterwhisper talked. Oddly, some people could see it, while others could not. It became a disaster of confusion and icons.

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