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Willowpaw is a green-eyed grey she-cat with a darker stripe down her back, darker paws and ear-tips, and a darker stripe on her muzzle.

Alternate Description - short-furred and hazel-eyed brown she-cat with darker stripes (raccoon-tail-like) on her legs, ears, and tail.


On the wiki/blog, Wollow is usually very strange. Her actual personality and style of talking varies, and it can be lazy and in all lowercase (known as "nogrammar"), hyper and in all caps (known as "caps"), or talk rather 'properly' and use good grammar (known as "grammar"), though usually she just like capitalizes the first letter of each sentence and talks like a normal conversation (known as "halfgrammar"). She generally tries to be kind and helpful and not a pain, but she generally fails. She usually ends up doing something strange on chat (such as sacrificing people to the inactivity "gofs" to prevent an inactivity rainstorm which gives people the inactivity plague and has caused the death of many chats) or just normally talking to friends. If she didn't stop herself, she'd be very mischievous and spamming and impersonating and breaking minor rules and pranky. Occasionally she doesn't stop herself and it's usually very entertaining.

In real life she's grumpy and only likes to talk to good friends or amazing people and when she talks to non good friends/amazing people it usually results in both sides hating each other.  When people who are her friends' friends or are actually worth talking to, she generally tries to stay away from them until they stop hating her.  Most of the time she accidentally made them hate her the year before.

On the Blog

Willowpaw has been on the blog for a while.  She first commented July 3rd, 2015, but that was a single comment under the name Mudstreak.  She joined as Hollysnow (Willowlight) - her Christmas/Winter name - on December 2nd, 2015, and was active since.  Her first really notable event was starting TpyoCaln, with the intention of being noticed.  She thought she could do that by causing a second Secret Page Wars, and it did work, though not in the way she intended.  She caused drama, felt bad, and eventually stopped being terrible because of TpyoCaln.  After that, she became a normal and active member of BlogClan.

Currently she doesn't comment that often, about every few days. When Live Chat is open she chats, and she stalks daily, but she rarely comments. This is due to her laziness and forgetting about the blog. She's done a few slightly significant things, and was the one to suggest the Warrior Games page. She also wrote a chapter of Trailing Stars, and she's rather active on the secret pages,

claiming pages both for her own secret Clans and others. She tries to be active, but generally fails.

On the Wiki




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