This is the title of a series of fanfictions it should not be a blogpost

And these are for the purpose of revenge


Fallen X Gummy X DaisyEdit


Fallen watched as the Unspeakable Ship Alarms went off and the sounds of screaming fifth graders on Wollow's bus played.  She shivered, not knowing what Wollow would do to her.  A trapdoor opened under her, and she fell in, screaming.  Loudly.  She fell into a room with steep, high walls that were unclimbable and made out of a dark brownishreddish rock.  The floor was as well, but it seemed a lot weaker...

It began to crack and she fell into a pit of lava.  Screaming, she fell down again into a small chamber.

"Welcome to Wollow's torture chamber.  Enjoy your stay.  Or not," the intercom said.

Fallen was terrified.  Also questioning where the honk the intercom came from.  Also regretting shipping CERTAIN SHIPS.

Spikes lined the walls and ceilings.  And not the dog kind.  The ouch kind. 

"You may now choose your preferred method of torture," it said.

A screen popped up in front of Fallen, showing one hundred and forty-three methods of torture, including being sprayed to death with silly string, display of old comments, and the classic iron maidens.  

"Please choose your top three preferred methods of torture," said a caption under the one hundred and forty-three methods.

Hmm...  Silly string isn't terrible, and it said death, so it'll be quick.  Wollow's fifth grade army doesn't sound terrible...  Imprisonment on a shipping train?  Doesn't sound terrible...  It's probably shipping iron maidens, though.  Oh whatever.   She selected the silly string, shipping train, and fifth grade army.  Immediately she fell in another trapdoor, surrounded by people.


Day forty-five.  Regretting shaming geese.  

Gummy had been in Wollow's torture chamber for a while now.  Most of the original people had died already, and he was still mourning Goldie.  Cheating on Wollow was not her best idea.  

The sounds of the fifth grade army echoed throughout the small chamber.  This one's new.  Wonder what to expect.

He backed away from the walls, which were all doors.  He had learned that on day five.

The fifth graders on Wollow's bus and their five hundred sixty-seven clones charged into the room.

Gummy bumped into one.  "Ouch!" it screamed.  Then he realized she wasn't obnoxious.  She wasn't actually a fifth grader either.  She was actually really pretty.

"Sorry!" they said at the same time.  The other one laughed.  

"So, first day here?  I'm Gummypaw.  Welcome to your death," Gummy said.

"I'm Fallenpaw.  I just came here and I regret shipping it already.  I thought being a goose would protect me..." she said.

Gummy decided against telling her why he came here.  "It's day forty-five for me.  This one's new."

A fifth grader came in and started bragging about its expensive bike to Gummy.  Loudly.

Fallen groaned and slit its throat with a butter knife.

"Can we get out of here?" Fallen asked.

"It'll stop once we stop it.  Do you have another butter knife?" Gummy sighed.  She'd probably die soon anyway.  He had nearly died about thirty times so far.

"I have this," she said, pulling out a spork.

"Even better." 

The two proceeded to slay the fifth grade army.

"So, what else did you chose?" Fallen asked.  Gummy was the first human she had met since her imprisonment.  Or cat.  We really don't know.  

"I chose the iron maidens next.  They're just girls made out of iron, if you set them on fire they melt," Gummy responded.

"Ah, I chose silly string.  Then that train thing," Fallen said, shrugging.

"The train is new as well.  I chose it after this one."  Gummy yawned.  "We'll be transferred soon."

Sure enough, the two fell into separate trapdoors.  And screamed.


I didn't even know there was a Wollow Code!  How was I supposed to not break it?  It's been a week and I haven't gotten out of here!

Daisypaw fell into the twentieth trapdoor that week and into another room that was exactly identical to the rest of the torture chambers.  Tall white stone walls depicting the greatness of Wollow.  The walls were actually doors, as she had discovered a few days ago.  One-way doors, however.

Another personcat fell into the room and landed on his feet perfectly.  "I've gotten good at this," he said.  "I can burn the iron maidens, don't worry."

Daisypaw looked confused.  "Who are you?"

"I'm Gummypaw.  I've been in here for forty-five days.  You?" he asked.

"Only a week.  I'm Daisypaw."

The iron maidens ran out of the walldoors, their shinysparklymarysue hair flowing.  Gummy picked up a torch and threw it at one and it immediately melted.  He repeated the process a few times until there were only three left.

"Watch out!" Daisypaw shrieked.  "Behind you!"

Gummy stabbed the iron maiden with the torch and it melted.  "Thanks."

Daisy backed away into a wall, an iron maiden chasing her.  No no no I'm cornered now

Gummy quickly set it on fire. 

"Oh my goose!  Almighty Gummy!  You are my savior!"  Daisy said, trying not to laugh.

Gummy failed not to laugh.  "Ah, yes.  Bow to me!"

Daisy bowed to Gummy and suddenly the two fell into a giant trapdoor.

"Welcome to the ship train.  Please board immediately," an intercom said. 

Daisy and Gummy looked at each other, shrugging.  Daisy spotted another personcat climbing into the same car.

"So, what do you think this is about?" the other personcat asked.

Gummy and Daisy shrugged in unison.

"It's pretty normal in here.  I think Wollow forgot to change the decorations from Valentine's Day," Gummy replied. 

"Who are you anyway?" Daisy asked.

"Fallenpaw.  I just came here today.  You?"

"Daisypaw.  I've been here a week.  I think we both know Gummy," she replied.

The train started and romantic music started playing.

"..." went everyone.

Gummy sat there awkwardly.

"I love you," he said to no one in particular.

"OMG ME TOO" screamed Daisy.

"HE WAS TALKING TO /ME/!" Fallen shouted.

The two began the ritual fight to the death while Gummy ate popcorn.

Eventually Fallen won woohoo and threw Daisy into another car.  She smiled at Gummy.

"I have a confession to make..." Gummy said quietly.

"YES YES YOU LOVE ME I KNOW!" Fallen screamed

"I'm a fowlshamer..." Gummy sighed.  "That's why I'm here..."

Fallen stood there, shocked.  She ran out of the car screaming death threats to Gummy.  "He's a fowlshamer," she said to Daisy.

"How could we have been misled this way?!?!??!!?!???!?!?1/1/!?//1/1/1/!?!/1" Daisy gasped.

The two of them went into Gummy's car and murdered him with Fallen's spork.

"I think I prefer you to Gummy..." Fallen said, blushing.


And the two lived torturedly ever after in Wollow's Torture Chamber.

Goldenpaw X Iceflower X SundanceEdit


Goldenpaw woke up dramatically. Where was her wife? No matter how many times she had cheated on Sundance, she always returned after a divorce within twenty three milliseconds.  Odd.

Suddenly, a trapdoor opened under Goldenpaw.  

"Welcome to the Upgraded Wollow's Torture Chamber," an intercom said.  "Shortly, you will be transferred to the torture selection room."

Goldenpaw shivered shiveringrosely.  "Wh... Why am I here?"

"I have literally no idea.  Anyway where's the transport system button???  Wollow loves to make her controls confusing.  Aha!" the voice said.

Goldenpaw fell into a trapdoor that opened under her.  

"Okay.  Now it's time to select your torture.  I do not recommend homework," the voice continued.

Goldenpaw stared at the screen in front of her.  Homework...  Barney...  Amberkit...  

"You have to select four," the voice announced.

I'll just pick random ones.

"You sure about that?" the intercom asked, and Goldenpaw looked at her selections.  

The Ship Train - A train that automatically makes the peoplecats in the same car fall in love.  Side effects may include violence due to multiple cats in the same car.

"Oh no..." she murmured. 

"Can't back out now!" the intercomvoice said cheerfully.  "Soon you'll fall into another trapdoor.  You get used to it.  By the way, my name is Daisypaw.  Or what's left of her.  Once the prisoners die, they become employees.  It isn't any better, though.  Wollow makes you get up at four.  In the morning."

Goldenpaw froze in place and suddenly she fell into her billionth trapdoor that day.

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